Dienstag, 6. April 2010

Full 12'' Various - N.D. Crews Vol. 1 - Presents The Legion Of Doom [Jimidi-1988]

A1 Payne - I Came To Rock
A2 Ready B. & The Hood - I Need Money
A3 Ruff Rhyme - Flickin It Hard
A4 Patrice (2 Fine!!!) - Jus Bout Havin Fun
A5 J.C. Philly One - The Hit Man
B1 Ruff Rhyme - Da Boys
B2 Payne - Do You Need Love
B3 J.C. Philly One - U Got Played
B4 Ready B. & The Hood - Love Letters From Jail
B5 Jim Jam Kickin - (Gotta Be) On The Radio


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